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G3 events are all about providing quality social experiences for gay men, our friends, and our brothers and sisters in the LGBT+ community. Whether it is one of our monthly happy hours, a brunch, a fundraiser, pool party or special event, all G3 events strive to be a welcoming, fun, and memorable good times.

Who Are These Guys?
G3 Events are produced by Pete King with the support of an awesome group of people who are passionate about Tucson's LGBT+ Community. 

Meet The

G3 Team

We're Looking
If you're interested in talking to us about potentially joining our team, please contact us. We are looking for friendly people from diverse backgrounds, who work well with others in a team setting, and who want to see the community flourish.  

Help Out

With G3


The philosophy behind every G3 event is to create a welcoming, fun, quality social experience, to foster goodwill and meeting opportunities, to enhance LGBT visibility and to encourage community participation and philanthropy. 

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