G3 events are all about providing quality social experiences for gay men, our friends, and our brothers and sisters in the LGBT+ community. Whether it is one of our monthly happy hours, a brunch, a fundraiser, pool party or special event, all G3 events strive to be a welcoming, fun, and memorable good times.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHERE | G3 Venues

We seek out unique Tucson venues like trendy downtown nightclubs, newly opened restaurants, upscale resorts, special event venues, cultural locations and the occasional dive. This makes every G3 different from the last.

Tucson used to have a dozen gay bars, but times have changed. LGBT people are no longer "only" welcome at establishments that specifically cater to the community, so we seek out a variety of gay-friendly venues. This doesn't take anything away but rather offers new options. It also has the added benefit of not only keeping our events interesting, but allow us to build relationships with mainstream hospitality and cultural venues, broadening our community's involvement and visibility.
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WHEN | Dates and Announcements

G3 Happy Hours take place on the third Friday of every month and from time to time on special occasions (like pride weekends in June and September).

Typically we announce the location via eMail to our subscribers as well as on this website and social media at the beginning of each month. We also create a Facebook Event Page every month so guests can RSVP and invites friends.
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HOW | Making G3's Special

We bring in extra touches. Things like lighting, additional decor, drink specials and tie-ins with beverage companies, food options, music and entertainment. So, depending on the venue, it might have a country-western flair or a sleek urban vibe. What remains consistent is a great crowd and a welcoming, relaxed environment to hang out in.

OTHER | Not Just Happy Hours

We have hosted both brunch and dinner events which have been a lot of fun, but the size of our crowd makes it a real challenge for restaurants (who are already busy on Friday nights) to host a G3 Happy Hour. A lot of places have enthusiastically offered to host a G3 event but can only handle doing it with a smaller crowd or a less busy night, so we are looking at starting up a new dinner soiree event we're calling "Let's Eat Out!" We don't yet have a start date but look for an announcement this fall!

WHO | Attending a G3

We believe in and embrace the diversity of our community and the human family. G3 welcomes regardless of gender, identity and/or orientation (including our hetero friends and allies). G3 events are open to everyone 21+ to stay within minimum age liquor laws).

There is no advance ticketing and no need to RSVP to attend a G3 Happy Hour, however sometimes we do require advance reservations when there is a dinner option.

WHAT | G3 Gay Happy Hour

G3's signature event is a once-a-month happy hour that takes place every third Friday (hence "G3") from 5:00 to 9:00PM. Every month we journey to a different Tucson venue, so the atmosphere is always fresh and unique. It's the perfect way to finish up the work week, get together with friends, relax, meet new people and experience new places. If you are new to town, or visiting, a G3 is a great introduction to Tucson

Who Are These Guys?
G3 Events are produced by Pete King with the support of an awesome group of people who are passionate about Tucson's LGBT+ Community. 

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If you're interested in talking to us about potentially joining our team, please contact us. We are looking for friendly people from diverse backgrounds, who work well with others in a team setting, and who want to see the community flourish.  

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The philosophy behind every G3 event is to create a welcoming, fun, quality social experience, to foster goodwill and meeting opportunities, to enhance LGBT visibility and to encourage community participation and philanthropy.